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BIG RING,   1 oz tin of firm Hndlebars Moustache Wax sells for $6.49. Free shipping in the United States & Canada
BIG RINGCombination set, 3 travel tubes, and a 1 oz tin of Firm Hndlebars Moustache Wax sells for $19.45
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BIG RING,  3 - .15 oz Travel Tubes of firm   Hndlebars Moustache   Wax   sells    for   $ 10.99   

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I offer a full 100% satisfaction guarantee  for  all of my products. Simply  contact Hndlebar .
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International Shipping Rates are based on the difference  of cost between US shipping rates (free), and your shipping address (non US ).
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Plus $2.00 for S &H to;
Hndlebars Moustache  Wax
5301 Sovereign Pl
Frederick Md , 21703

BIG RING, 1 oz tin of firm Hndlebars Moustache Wax sells for $9.45
Moustache Wax That I make for myself,
Which I Gladly Share with You